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Digital Media Arts


Prometheus’s Digital Media Arts Program has produced 3 Media documentaries teaching our students  how to use digital media arts to tell their stories, learn entry level skills and express their talents.

2013: “One Bottle at a Time (Save the Fishes)”
Paying homage to “No Church in the Wild” by Kanye West & Jay-Z (feat. Frank Ocean) & “Blow the Whistle” by Too Short

2009: “Take A Look Around”
A look at the economic and social disparity between East Palo Alto and Palo Alto from the eyes of East Palo Alto teens.

2008: “A Day In The Life Of A Teen Mom”
A short look at a day in life of teen Mom’s from the eyes of the Moms in the Teen Age Parent Program at Redwood High.

2007: “Teen Voices”
Documents the inner workings of the Safe Place Program. It shows how a diverse group of teens can come together to create a project that has an important social commentary. Through spoken word, role-playing, music, group games this DVD gives us an intimate look into the struggles, talents and hopes of these young people. The soundtrack written and recorded by the students has the following rap as its theme:

I got a safe place to share my realities of the world
to change the vision of gettho boys and girls
relax, chill, listen and make peace
I aint gota be a preacher to preach
If many hands make light work
then we gonna teach the streets
look at the smiles on our faces
we can never be beat by poverty
It aint that easy to be scared, hurt, abandoned, hopeless and lonely
loyalty makes you confine in hommies
no positive role models in the hood so the streets they own me
how can I get back, how can I get right
when Ive done so much wrong in my life
the rain came to make it wetter
the youth  here is gonna make it better
if you need to believe in someone believe in self.



17 years old

“People really care about me in the Safe Place, I really feel safe and forgot what that feels like. I grew up in a really tough neighborhood and was starting to get in trouble. My Mom died when I was 15 and I lost it, started using drugs and drinking and then got sent to Redwood. I can’t believe it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I go the help I needed to deal with my grief, we could never afford counseling and here it was offered at no charge.  I started learning how to feel again and I don’t use as much now, not totally clean and sober, because I still miss my Mom so much, but now I have people who care about me and are helping me.”


18 years old

“In the Safe Place, I learned that I am not alone, we all have similar problems and can support each other instead of fighting all the time. I grew up with fighting and violence and didn’t know any other way, now I do. Thanks Prometheus for caring enough to teach me.”


18 years old

“My friends and I have been making music for a long time. In the Safe Place I was taught how to use computers and sound to produce music for our DVD. Now our music is part of something and out there. It makes me know I can go for my dreams if I work hard.”


21 yrs. old

“Thank you for teaching me that I can get high naturally. I can always count on you to pull out something enlightening that helps me see the world in a whole different way.”


17 years old

“I now know that what I have to say matters. I feel like all the problems I have are not so bad, many others have the same problems. They have made me stronger by sharing them.”


21 years old

“Thank you for all you did for me, I am in college now and would never have gone without your support and guidance.”


19 years old

“I wanted to write you to say thank you for all you gave me during my time in the program, I was lost and so alone. You helped me know I was important and what I had to say mattered. I came to believe in myself again.”


18 years old

“I would have dropped out of school without the Safe Place.”


18 years old

“I have been clean and sober for a year now because of the programs I am in at Prometheus, they help us do other things besides getting blasted. I love the retreats and garden. I take care of the chickens and love Nature. Now, I know I can walk down to Coyote Point when I am bored and watch the birds and all the wildlife there. I am going to go to college to study environmental something. I am so happy I found this school and program.”


21 yrs. old

“Thank you for the great groups!!! I was so bored with just partying and staying on the surface with so called friends here in college. Now I know how to  express myself more deeply and do things that are fun without just drinking and being crazy. I needed that!  When is the next one?”


19 yrs. old

“Thank you for helping me see that I am not just my problems, that underneath my problems is a strength that I didn’t even know I had. You helped me learn that I can count on certain things to help me, like Nature, and just breathing, and knowing I can move forward. You are helping me stay focused even when I want to just give up.”


20 years old

“Thank you for believing in me when I had no hope, you helped me more than words can express. I am now happy and in college. Can you believe it?!”


17 years old

“I learned to trust again in the Safe Place. I never trusted anyone since I was a little kid, adults always lied and never came through with their promises, my Dad left when I was young and never looked back. I had to raise myself and be tough. Now I trust people a little more, but mostly I am learning to trust myself to make better choices and not just let anger run my life.”


17 years old

“My life has changed so much, I used to hang around and was going nowhere, now I have goals and skills to move me in a more positive direction. Thanks!”


28 yrs. old

“Thank you for the rich experience of collective and personal sharing. I had forgotten that I had a personal myth and our collective myths are so one dimensional. What a joy to not focus on words and everyday problems and enter the world of consciousness and imagination.  I am more calm, nonjudgmental and happier!  I am no longer afraid to show the parts of myself that believe in awe and wonder.  I am, and always have been, curious about the world and forgot what a gift that is.”


17 years old

“In the Safe Place, I learned I am not stupid.”


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