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Wendy’s Personal Statement

WendyCgraduatepicMy name is Wendy Castaneda. I am an 18-year-old Latina. I have completed one of my academic goals in life, obtaining my high school diploma. I would be a first generation college student, in addition to being the first in my family to graduate high school.  I further wish to continue pursuing my academic goals by attending an institute of higher education. But accomplishing this goal was not easy for me. I overcame a lot of bumps in the road, indefinite obstacles, and people trying to bring me down. However, this did not stop me from striving for what I wanted. I value education, I’m eager for knowledge, I want to become an intelligent powerful woman, and contribute to society upon college graduation. When I heard about this scholarship opportunity I was appreciative and thankful, I felt a door open. If I receive one thousand dollars, it would make a significant difference. If I were the recipient of the scholarship it would enable me to pursue my academic dream of attending college. I come from a divided home where neither of my parents is able to contribute to my education. My mom is a single working mother and is unable to help me financially. To eliminate the financial burden, I got a job recently to help me with my college expenses.  An additional one thousand dollars would mean a lot to me. I want to ensure that scarce financial resources do not limit my educational attainment. Financial issues have been a lifelong struggle in my household. Not having enough money is very stressful, I would hate for lack of money to deter me from obtaining a higher education.

I aspire to become a probation officer. I was once in the position where I had a probation officer, and I grew in a positive way from this negative experience.  I believe that upon becoming a probation officer I can guide others and motivate them towards their full potential. I want to inspire hope in others and share my past experiences, I want to inspire change. I want to become a probation officer where my future parolees can view me as a mentor.

Susanne Chassay was an empowering woman, from what I’ve learned she loved to help people.  I am so grateful that there are people that want to help young people like me to get an education. Even though I never met Susanne and she is not here physically, she has left a legacy in the form of a scholarship. Her passion to help others has reassured me that attending college is the best way that I can pay it forward and I too can one day empower others. Susanne was an inspiring woman with a genuine kind heart. She will always be a good role model that I too wish to be one day.

Thank You,
Wendy Castaneda

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